Win great prizes

Help solve pressing health care challenges

One weekend, a million possibilities


The Billy Blue College of Design, 46-52 Mountain St, Ultimo, NSW 2007


9th-11th September 2016.
Friday night – Problem pitching and team forming
Saturday and Sunday – Hackathon and pitching


$8000 first prize (in total) for the winning team
$2000 second prize (in total) for the runner up team



Once registration opens, register your interest to be part of the HaTCHathonTM event either as an individual hacker, a team of hackers or as an observer of the event. All will be welcome to register his or her interest.

On Friday night, you will be briefed by health care and medical experts on the challenges. Take part in idea storming, form teams via speed networking or just watch from the sidelines.


On Saturday morning at 9am the doors will open and there’ll be re-cap presentations about how the event will run. If you’re a hacker and you don’t have a team, you’ll be assigned to other hackers to work together.

At midday the HaTCHing starts in earnest. Teams can be as small as one person, or as large as 10 people, but teams of 10 must have no more than 5 coders.

You can code all the way through until the evening. Then we close the doors and you can go home, rest – or push through the night with your team.


At 9am on Sunday you get to do a rehearsal presentation and our* team members will provide feedback on rehearsals.

At 12pm on Sunday, you stop coding.

At 1pm on Sunday, teams will formally present their apps to the judges, and prizes will be awarded.

At about 4pm on Sunday, everyone goes home.

Participants own 100% of any original content that they produce for the HaTCHathonTM  after the event and we own our know how and confidential information. If our innovation team is interested in what you’ve built, we might work with you to commercialise it.


Coffee and Snacks


Lounges to Nap On

Brekkie/Lunch on Sunday, lunch on Saturday


Creative Nooks to Work In

Networking on Friday


Time with our Staff to Answer Your Questions

A GREAT HaTCHathonTM VENUE to explore your creative talents

Take part in the HaTCHathonTM

Note: All registration fees collected for the event will be donated to the charity, Red Dust.