Use your skills, creativity and awesomeness to solve some of the toughest challenges facing healthcare today


Take part in the HaTCHathonTM

  • $4000 first prize (in total) for the winning team
  • $1000 second prize (in total) for the runner up team

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Note: All registration fees collected for the event will be donated to the charity, Red Dust.

Meet the HaTCHathon Judges: Margaret Wright

Meet HaTCHathon judge, Margaret Wright. From her start as a coder in the early 70s, Margaret has come full circle after senior executive roles and Not-for-Profit Board positions. She is now involved in two Australian start-ups.

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Meet the HaTCHathon Judges: Paul Nicolarakis

Paul Nicolarakis carries a breadth of expertise across entrepreneurship, medicine, health policy and clinical analytics. Since completing degrees in medicine and neuroscience at Sydney University and his residency at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Paul has explored the...

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